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A series of conversations about the Irish language and its history for anyone curious about their relationship with it and its role in our identity.

Welcome to The Language Question Podcast

The Language Question, or Ceist na Teangan in Irish, is a series of conversations between myself, Finghin MacCártaigh, and some fascinating and accomplished people where we explore with curiosity the Irish language and its history, while contemplating its significance and impact in a linguistically diverse world.

From real life stories and experiences, to historical insights and thought-provoking theories, the podcast takes listeners on a culture rich journey through the evolution of the Irish Language.

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About the Host

My name is Flor McCarthy, or Finghin MácCarthaigh and the idea for this podcast has emerged from my own experience with the language. I’m Irish and I hated the language when I was growing up. I resented the fact that we had to learn it and I went out of my way to avoid doing so as an adult.

This ignorance evolved into cynicism. I was one of those people who said things like it was a waste to spend money translating stuff that would never be used.

I now believe that this attitude towards the language was born of a sense of inadequacy and feeling of incompleteness at not having my native tongue while also realizing that the prospect of acquiring the language represented an enormous challenge.

But as I grew older, something changed. Learn more about that here.

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Free Irish Learning Resources Guide

Whether you are just starting out or have already begun your language learning journey, I have compiled a collection of resources that should help you along the way.