An Gaeilgeoir Ar Líne - The Online Gaeilgeoir

– A Conversation with Mollie Guidera

Episode #20

In this enlightening episode, we engage in a captivating conversation with Mollie Guidera, founder of ‘Irish with Mollie’. Delve into Mollie’s journey from learning Irish in primary school to becoming an international Irish language educator. We explore the power of Irish in shaping identity, the joys and challenges of language learning, and the future of Irish in a global context. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the Irish language, its impact on personal and cultural identity, and the vision of a bilingual Ireland. Join us in rediscovering the beauty and significance of our native tongue.

Podcast Notes

The Journey of Learning and Teaching Irish

Mollie shares her inspiring story, from her initial exposure to Irish in primary school to her dynamic approach to teaching the language. We discuss the contrast between her early educational experiences and the innovative methods she now employs to engage learners globally.

Rediscovering the Irish Language Abroad

Hear how Mollie’s time abroad deepened her connection with the Irish language and culture, leading to her unique venture in teaching Irish internationally. Her story is a testament to the global reach and emotional resonance of our native language.

Tackling Language Learning Challenges

We tackle the perceived complexities of Irish, debunking myths and exploring how a mindset shift can transform the learning experience. Mollie’s insights into the logical structure of Irish offer a fresh perspective on tackling the language.

The Role of Irish in Identity and Healing

A particularly moving part of our conversation revolves around the role of the Irish language in personal and cultural identity. Mollie eloquently discusses the deep connections people across the world feel to the language and how it plays a crucial role in healing and reconnecting with one’s roots

Envisioning the Future of Irish Language

The episode culminates with a forward-looking discussion on the future of the Irish language. We explore the potential for a bilingual Ireland and the role of new learners in revitalising and preserving our linguistic heritage.

More on Mollie Guidera

Mollie Guidera

Mollie Guidera is a dynamic Irish language teacher and the spirited founder of ‘Irish with Mollie’. Mollie hails from Dublin, Ireland, and has been passionately teaching languages for over 11 years, both online and in top language academies. She is a certified educator with a Cambridge certificate in teaching, but it’s the Irish language that truly captures her heart and fuels her teaching journey.

Known affectionately as Molls or Moll by her students and friends, Mollie’s energy, optimism, and patience shine through in her teaching style. Her diverse interests span reading, cooking, and traveling, yet her deepest passion lies in teaching Irish and sharing her love for Ireland’s rich culture and language.

Mollie’s teaching adventure began quite early; at the tender age of 7, she taught her first Irish lesson to her American cousin during a Thanksgiving dinner in Dublin. This early experience highlighted her natural inclination towards language teaching. Her educational journey led her to Irish colleges in the Gaeltacht every summer, where she rose to the position of Head Girl, despite an initial hiccup for speaking a sentence in English in a strictly Irish-speaking environment.

Her global travels and experience in teaching English augmented her skills, but it was the Irish language that truly energised her. Mollie has an exceptional talent for breaking down the Irish language into accessible, engaging lessons, a skill she honed while learning other languages herself. This approach has attracted students from all corners of the globe, leading to a fully booked schedule on Zoom.

Recognising the deep love and curiosity for Ireland and its language among her students, Mollie sought to share this enthusiasm more broadly. This led her to create online courses, extending her reach and impact. To date, she has proudly helped over 6,000 students from various countries connect with the Irish language, a testament to her dedication and effectiveness as a teacher.

Mollie’s mission continues to be spreading her love for the Irish language worldwide, touching the hearts of everyone who shares a love for Ireland and its linguistic heritage. Her work not only educates but also heals, helping to erase the trauma associated with learning Irish for many and replacing it with joy and passion.

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