An Calafóirneach Gaelach

A Conversation with Séathrún Sardina

Episode #22

In this captivating episode of The Language Question, I sit down with Séathrún Sardina, an Irish language learner and activist whose journey from California to Dublin showcases the global reach and profound impact of the Irish language. Séathrún shares his unique story of discovery, connection, and activism, from initiating “Pop Up Gaeltachts” in San Diego to advocating for the language’s presence in academic and community settings. His experiences offer a fascinating insight into the challenges and triumphs of embracing the Irish language, highlighting its significance beyond Ireland’s borders. Join us for a conversation that bridges continents and cultures, underscoring the Irish language’s enduring relevance and vitality.

Podcast Notes

Journey Begins

Séathrún shares the story of his relationship with the Irish language, a journey sparked by curiosity, a love of languages and a ancestorial link to Ireland. His narrative takes us from his initial steps on Duolingo to an immersive experience in Dublin, which solidified his commitment to the language.

Building Community Across Continents

Learn about how Séathrún took the initiative to create an Irish-speaking community in San Diego, California in an effort to find a medium to practice the language. His efforts to organise “Pop Up Gaeltachts” demonstrate the global reach and unifying power of the Irish language, bringing together enthusiasts from various corners of the world.

Academic Pursuits and Language Advocacy

We delve into Séathrún’s academic career, highlighting his transition from data science to a fervent advocate for the Irish language in both personal and professional realms. His story is a testament to how language learning can influence career paths and personal growth.

Challenges and Triumphs

Séathrún candidly discusses the obstacles he faced as a non-native speaker navigating the Irish language community and the broader societal perceptions. His experiences shed light on the ongoing efforts to revitalise and promote the Irish language in Ireland and abroad.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Séathrún shares his hopes for the Irish language’s future, emphasising the importance of community, education, and governmental support in ensuring its survival and flourishing.

More on Séathrún Sardina

Originating from San Diego, California, and now residing in Dublin, Séathrún Sardina’s expertise is as diverse as it is profound, encompassing data science, bioinformatics, software development, and writing.

A dedicated Gaeilgeoir, his commitment to the Irish language is evident not only in his personal journey of language learning but also in his active role within the community.

As the organiser of the “Pop Up Gaeltacht La Jolla agus Contae San Diego,” Séathrún has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant Irish-language community in California, bringing together enthusiasts and speakers of all levels. His multifaceted career and dedication to promoting the Irish language make him a fascinating and inspiring figure.

Learn more about Séathrún here:

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