Scríbhneoirí na Gaelainne Nua

– A Conversation with Éilis Neary

Episode #24

In the latest episode of The Language Question, we dive into the world of contemporary Irish language literature with the incredibly insightful Éilis Neary. As a PhD candidate and a passionate advocate for the Irish language, Éilis shares her unique journey from discovering her love for the language in Dublin to becoming a published author and illustrator. Our conversation spans the challenges and triumphs of writing in Irish, the importance of community support for language learners, and the evolving landscape of Irish literature. Éilis’s experiences and insights are a testament to the vibrant future of the Irish language and its literature. Join us for an exploration of the power of language to shape identities, communities, and futures.

Podcast Notes

A Journey Uncovered

Éilis recounts her initial steps towards the Irish language, not through conventional means, but through the vibrant cultural scene in Dublin, led by the IMRAM Festival. Her story quietly underscores how the Irish language finds new ways to engage us, encouraging listeners to think about their own experiences with language.

The Intersection of Language and Identity

Our conversation takes a deep dive into how the Irish language shapes and is shaped by our identity. Éilis, with her background as a PhD candidate and her rich involvement in the literary community, provides insights into the complexities of writing in Irish as a second language learner. This segment invites listeners to think on the broader implications of language on our sense of self and community.

The Literary Landscape of Irish

Éilis shares her observations on the current state of Irish language literature, highlighting the dynamic and supportive community that has welcomed her with open arms. Her experience underscores the importance of platforms that showcase the Irish language in literature, suggesting a vibrant future ahead for aspiring writers in Irish.

The Personal Touch: Children’s Books and Beyond

In a more personal revelation, Éilis talks about her work on children’s books in Irish, including Dóchas Pócas and Am Amú, and her aspirations for future projects. This segment will resonate with anyone interested in the creative process and the role of literature in nurturing the next generation’s connection to our language.

The Future of Irish: An Optimistic Outlook

Towards the end of our chat, we touch on the future of the Irish language. Éilis expresses a hopeful perspective, emphasising the expanding opportunities and the growing community of Irish speakers and learners. It’s a conversation that’s sure to spark optimism among our listeners about the resilience and potential growth of our beloved language.

More on Éilis Neary

Éilis Neary Headshot

Éilis Neary is a PhD candidate at Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge, DCU, where her research shines a light on contemporary Irish-language writers through the fascinating lens of sociolinguistics. Her journey into the depths of Irish culture and literature has taken her across borders, notably to Paris, where she not only honed her craft but also was honoured with a Masters degree in Irish Studies from the prestigious Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle.

Éilis has also played a pivotal role in promoting Irish literature through her tenure as the manager of Aontas na Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge, underscoring her commitment to nurturing the vibrant community of Irish-language writers

Learn more about Éilis here:

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